Keep getting locked for (stolen account)

Issue:so i use a VPN and ive tired all variasions bot tutorial play tutorial by hand change ip, use same ip, every form i could try but after tutorial island i log back in and 10 min goes by maybe less and i get a ‘your account has been locked’ and im not sure what else too try… please help me out
Steps to recreate:make account (same ip, different ip, home ip tutorial(bot or no bot) log out, log back in

thanks for the help!!!

(same IP or Different) locks out after 10 min of tutorial island
Java Version:most updated one that RSpeer suggests to use
Operating System (Windows 10, Mac OS X, Linux, etc): windows 10
Are you using a proxy (Yes / No): no proxy just VPN
Error message (If applicable): Your account has been locked

VPN IPs are highly abused and will get any account locked. Use a proxy that isn’t well known or your home IP. Only use one IP per account.

Even if my vpn is a paid service you think it’ll still be messed up ip’s?
I’ve had no problem for months. And just 2 days ago I can’t make a single account. In no way or form. From any country, or region. America Canada Europe etc.

I used NordVPN too, if you switch around a bunch then they will keep locking your account. I would say VPNs are good to suicide on.

vpns do not work for about any site/game and will cause issues.

I’ve never gotten a locked account after completing tutorial island by hand, same with everyone I know who plays OSRS, so pretty sure you’re full of shit on that one.

Don’t bother using a VPN, honestly a data center IP is far more likely to get you banned/locked than using your home network.