Keep getting banned what am i doing wrong?

Hi everyone!

I’ve been using Rspeer for some time now. I like the client very much! Im not having any problems with the client and i prefer this client over most others. So this also made me not want to switch back to other clients i’ve used in the past.

Now i have the problem of getting banned every damn time…
Offcourse i blame all scripters and the client dev’s for it!
Nah i suppose im just doing something wrong.
Lots of scripts in the SDN are broken, but those i dont use.
I do my research to find the best scripts and try them out carefully when i get one.
I barely use free scripts.

For making accounts i use SPX account maker which i like very much.
after creation ill let them rest for a bit 1/2hrs sometimes no resting.
Make sure they have 7qp.
when i buy a bond ill do waterfall quest and skill a small bit (with scripts) to get some ez stats.
I DONT use typical Bot Names or Characters. Most of my bots look like new players without a brain.
The bots don’t bot for more than 2/3hrs in a row and i use breaks.
Also i use Dedicated SOCKS5 proxies from a website saying that its optimized for RS Botting.
The accounts get created in a script using the same proxy as im botting on.
From all bots i’ve used on Rspeer the longest one has survived should be somewhere around 50hrs.
Most of them get banned within the same day/session.

I would really like to receive some feedback on how i should bot accounts on rspeer as im clearly doing something wrong.

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are you being told why you were banned? i’m curious what cookie crumbs are triggering the bans

Always the same standard message.
Our macroing detection system has detected
Macroing Major

that is pretty generic indeed.
i suggest troubleshooting through a process of elimination.
change one variable at a time to determine if the outcome changes

On forums i’ve seen people talk about deleting cookies/hooks and stuff.
this is one thing i dont do because im using proxy’s.
should i be doing this and if so how could i avoid this?

how do you implement hooks?

regarding cookies, new cookies save to the computer constantly. maybe there’s a way to auto-delete cookies/cache every so many hours?

proxies help to mask your IP, important but may be unrelated to this

don’t use proxies marketed for RS botters, those can be recycled and the ip range flagged. need residential IPs

Use aged accounts, use private scripts, use non-raped proxies

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Could be you’re doing an activity that’s getting detected. I’ve narrowed down F2P chicken training as very high ban rate, even when properly scripted. Make more steps to evolve around the systems, whatever that takes. That being said there’s usually a delay on my bans, so it sounds like you may also have an issue with your proxies or some local machine flag.

Local machine flag?
How could i fix that or check if its the problem?

i keep coming to the conclusion that my proxies are flagged
so i switched and still happend.
im also gonna use other script for building bots, hopefully that fixes it.

Proxy suppliers like blazingproxy?
saw it getting advertised somewhere.
looks legit

Local machine would be some thing (i’m not aware of what specifically), where it saves information on your computer about it being botted. Replacing a virtual machine operating system would fix this. HOWEVER PLEASE REMEMBER, I am just saying this is a possibility. I have never seen evidence for it, only rumors.

I can’t speak to which proxy suppliers work, I have yet to use any on my farm. In theory you want “residential proxies”, not sure if blazing’s private ones are the same thing.

“Also i use Dedicated SOCKS5 proxies from a website saying that it’s optimized for RS Botting.”

Do you think Jagex doesn’t know about these? if u can google them so can they… anything advertised as trying to get past Jagex detection probably have been looked into.

dont think jagex is going to buy proxies to see who to ban.

Anyway fixed it.

how did you fix it?

personally i have just been using a vpn, for one account at a time. using the freee questing script to get all the qp i would like on the account. obviously heavily babysitted, always away from people. the only time i’ve ever gotten banned, is for using it for obvious things like fishing. would never wc on a bot tbh. i use zfighter, but i use it whilst baby sitting. and i play myself a lot as well. i usually bot for an hour MAX, and thats pushing it. play legit, if i get bored i hop on an alt. of course i make accounts i dont generate gold.
so i’m very careful. i even have a flagged ip and i dont get banned. stop botting for so long
bot 20-30 mins. play for real, interact with keyboard while botting. pause the script while botting and give the bot some human like features every 10 minutes if botting for a long time. hop worlds often. just be smart haha its not hard to get away with especially with this client.

quit trying to outsmart jagex.
bot in a clan.
keep skill levels ahead of your combat level