Jesse's fisher! Powerfishing, banking mode, multiple locations!

Welcome to my fishing script, it currently has two modes.
Power fishing and bank mode.

Power fishing supported locations:
lumbridge swamp bait and net.
Barbarian village bait and lure.
Karamja lobster.
Bank + fishing supported locations
Catherby docks Lobster, Swordfish + Shark’s.

When baiting/luring the script will stop when you are out of bait/feathers

Please let me know any locations you want supported, as I level my account I will add more.


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works well at barb village.

Thank you for uploading

@sexpert @NateDog

Thank you both! adding more locations tonight!

Update: Added Shilo village. Waiting for push

Could you add selling to store (Karamja) instead of just dropping? Would be a good alternative. Fantastic script btw.

@mina Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll add it tonight.
Just pushed an update to add shilo village bait and lure. Also a couple bug fixes.

Can I suggest fly/bait fishing under the Waterfall quest start?

@Gaatjeniksaan Absolutely! I’ll add this to the list to add so hopefully it gets pushed in the next update!

can you add relekka and jatizso?

can you slow down the rate of dropping the fish, its like way faster than I could drop them.

Maybe add random dropping patterns as well so its not a static way of always dropping them.

thank you

The best bot in Barbarian village.

Hey Jesse, great fisher! Just found out that theres a place to cage and harpoon at corsairs cove. If it is no trouble could you add that as a potential location as there is a bank as well at corsairs cove.

Would there be any way to have the script drop tuna when fishing for swordfish?

anybody get banned got tips for this script?

@jayvsvp I did fine with it until I tried to power fish. The bot drops your inventory entirely way too fast.

LOVE THE BOT but one request
can u add karamja lobster fishing for f2p players please. there is a deposit box in port sarim too for easy banking

@chris121 agreed this would help

I would appreciate adding barbarian village in the banking mode. Nonetheless, great script. Thanks!

Could you add depositing Karamja lobsters in Port Sarim deposit box ? Would be very helpful and useful. Besides that, great bot! :slight_smile: