is this community still active

i dont mean any disrespect at all but I was thinking of buying some scripts but literally not even kidding every free script other than the combat scripts on here doesn’t work or works so bad it isn’t usable was wanting some personal comments stating any script on here is actually any good or is this bot is even still maintained

which botting category you are interested in?

all the scripts i use work just fine. people are busy botting, so nobody’s really saying much. i would highly recommend you read bot threads, maybe a handful don’t work

botting since the 19th every skill i can, zero bans with free scripts, but that’s me

mina’s fisher and cannonballer is bae
dankmemer’s chopper is excellent
epic lobster is decent, bot acts weird sometimes
jesse’s fisher
yaser’s stuff works
i mean several scripts work and are free if anything premiums dont work lol

The majority of premium scripts work well. If they are not, the developer should be notified to fix them. Also you can report broken scripts here:

The community is still active, but most of the active conversation is on RSPeer’s discord:

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Mostly just using Discord to chat

As stated, if a script is broken and the developer is showing no signs of fixing it, please report it on the broken scripts thread so we can remove them. If you can say what you want to bot then I can perhaps recommend some scripts. Alternatively you can join the Discord server, it’s fairly active there