[Inuvation][Free] AIO Miner

Please start at desired location, the bot will choose banks according to selected rock type.


South-West Varrock Mine - banks at west varrock bank
South-East Varrock Mine - banks at east varrock bank
Lumbridge swamp - banks at shattered worlds
Al-kharid - speaks for it self
Rimmingthon - banks near clan citadel portal
Dwarvern Mine - banks at that dungeon entrance (requires 15dg to use afaik)
Ouaria - banks near ardy lodestone (requires you to have that lodestone enabled)

Start with the best pickaxe you can
Have the best ore box in inventory you can use

Don’t start the bot if you can’t store the ores in your ore box, the bot will get stuck!!

hi how do i open the rs3 client to use this ?

rs3 is no longer supported