How To Get More Client Instances

What are client instances?

Client instances are the amount of clients you are allowed to run.

How many instances free instances do I get?

By default, we give 1 free instance to each user. You are able to increase the quantity of free instances to 3 by verifying your RSPeer account on our discord guild. To do this, follow these instructions:

How do I purchase more instances?
Head over to, and purchase tokens with Paypal, or through the Official RSPeer Token shop

With these tokens, head back to the store and click on purchase instances at the bottom of the page.

Can I make multiple accounts to get more free instances?
No. Multiple accounts to bypass instance limits is strictly against the rules and if you are found out doing so, your accounts will be banned with no refunds of any kind.

I don’t have a client open and it said that i hit the limit help?


got the same problem. Always says im using an instance but im not.

got the same problem

Is there a way to view all current instances through the web application and also logout of instances? Etc. If the client thinks I already have an instance running after my computer crashed.

@rishadm Yes - Mine thought I had abot 10 instances open - Top Left Click Bot Management - then there’s a new page - on the left side click Running Clients and you can terminate all the erroneous ones.