how do i not get banned?

hi i find i will play on my account for a little while with a little botting and some how I always get banned, I don’t do it for long periods of times. I don’t do anything stupidly risky. can anyone give me some advice?

Good private scripts, residential IPs, and botting smart goes a long way

ive suicided now for over a month on several accounts, one has been banned due to consistancy with a specific skill. my advice, for one idk why but i get banned less on females, for 2, switch your skills consistantly the overnight single skill stuff its nice to think about but other than firemaking in wintertodt its pretty risky. humans report too and more human mods then u think. proxy is nice but i actually dont use one:) i stick to usually 3 accounts and i take time out of each day to maybe do 1 quest on each, i have 90+ mining runecrafting hunter and 99s with 50 combat with these techniques, not even warned on my account. I pay for scripts but have never bought private. I also pay attention to how many people run the script you gotta take diff methods. i did 1-77 runecrafting at arceuss library.