How do i close stuck running clients?

The 10% thing might be here to stay and I keep trying to close these 10%ers Individually but
Task manger won’t work
Bot management’s Start clients won’t work
Running clients won’t work
Rspeer launcher doesn’t seem to have any options to Close things. (Did i search well enough?)
The only way to solve this Locally (which the server won’t recognize) is killing the OpenJDK Pl binary, which would close 10ers and running clients alike.
I can’t check if the right input for worlds is the 300(301 to 5XX) format or the 0(1 to 2XX) format to try to evade the problem using quicklaunch’s world settings.
I know i have to restart until it works but not long ago i was trying to start one and wasn’t able to clear the ones that didn’t load from the web server, all forced closures lead to a “i still see the client” from the webserver and they will eventually pile up no matter if i have none open.
The “i see more clients open that what i actually have” topic leads to a 404.
What am i doing wrong?
Edit: just did a different search and found this Help, it says I have more instances open than I do which is a little different than the link i found around the dashboard.

If the client is stuck at 10% the process stops responding to pretty much any input and must be force closed. If you are running only one client this is easy to resolve using task manager in windows or whatever process manager you use for Linux. If you are running many clients it becomes a little harder to distinguish which client needs to be killed. This however can be done using procexp.exe on windows which has the ability to click a window and see exactly which process needs to be killed. Linux has a similar utility: xprop _NET_WM_PID

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