How are you guys not getting banned?

Title says it all, i’ve tried to just bot a few quest after creating the account went to level up a few skills, logged out for the rest of the night, and the next day it’s banned?! What are you guys doing so you don’t get banned? Is it the bot fault or what?

Well as of right now RSpeer is detectable by the game client. Rest assured that the team is working on it right now as we speak. If you want more info about it, you can dm @sphiinx.


“detectable by the game client”
Very wrong, that’s not how it works.

Sorry Einstein, you still get the point anyway.

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Doesn’t matter, it’s misleading.

Then correct me, instead of pointing out what is misleading without explaining it lol…

There’s is no client-side detection. Bot detection is done server-side based on your interactions with the game. The more you use a bot the more confidently the system can determine whether or no you are a bot.

@dijkstra How can you be so certain of that? I’m pretty sure they can detect if you’re using the official client or not.

By looking at the decompiled client

I have been botting hunter every night without break handlers and i have not been banned. I have made 40m so far running it 8 hours a night. It all matters on what script you use, How you use it, What level and how old your account is, And stuff like that. A new account gets detected 95% faster then a maxed account because jagex believes this player put in the time and effort without botting so why would they bot now.

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@Mr_Bubba Thanks for the reply bud.

Glad i could help you :smiley:

if you would like a successful hunter bot then here are my tips. I have not been banned yet but i am not saying you wont get banned. this is just ways to help you dodge the bot detection.

#1 use a ip that has never been caught botting before. “jagex focuses on known botters first”
“I didn’t think i needed to say this but… DO NOT RUN more then 1 bot per ip if you want to keep the ban rate down”

#2 Train other skills from time to time. Do not only train hunter or your account will look like a bot.

#3 Do some quests and mini quests to make your account look like you put time in to it.

#4. I always stop botting before 3pm Cambridge time “this is where jagex is.” - After 3pm is normally when mod weath logs in and finds bots to ban

#4. I always stop botting before 3pm Cambridge time “this is where jagex is.” - After 3pm is normally when mod weath logs in and finds bots to ban

Has anyone noticed this before?

The general mouse capture code looks different probably because they don’t need mouse movement anymore due to the mobile client. Here is some decompiled code sending mouse data (button and coordinates):

           var3 = bx.s * -1648942289;
           if (var3 < 0) {
              var3 = 0;
           } else if (var3 > -770375157 * ab.l) {
              var3 = -770375157 * ab.l;

           var4 = bx.d * 1936188057;
           if (var4 < 0) {
              var4 = 0;
           } else if (var4 > -37914995 * eu.q) {
              var4 = eu.q * -37914995;

           var5 = (int)var17;
           gx var26 = em.f(gj.s, fm.z, -1004594739);
  * 2081048445 == 2 ? 1 : 0) + (var5 << 1), (byte)-1);
 , (byte)-1);
 , (byte)-1);
           fm.b(var26, (byte)3);

Current client (revision 186)

Plus here’s the code from about 130 revisions ago from a refactored client:

Amazing you’re not getting banned. Try autothieving warrior women with a decently bad script that won’t open the door, for like 10 minutes. Then try botting anything. A normal bot, you’ll get banned eventually, but with this bot I bet you’re banned within a day of doing anything.

:man_facepalming: Of course we’re aware of the mouse recorder code which has existed for over a decade, and again, of course we take steps to work around it under the hood.

Dijkstra isn’t wrong either, he simply stated that there’s no client sided detection. The mouse recorder block simply sends data to the server, there’s no code in the client which detects bots. Now what they do once that information is on the server is a different story, for all we know they may not even use it Please take your time to familiarize yourself with RSPeer before making such assumptions


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@voriri this is what i was thinking, and yep, within 24hours i’m always banned using this no matter what even if i don’t bot. It’s a shame since this bot is really fast and stable… I wish it wasn’t a 24hour or less ban.

That’s just bs.
Been runnin this pretty much every day.