Hey, i was wondering if there is any possibilities to get a bot for herbivore. It’s one thing I am missing and would like to see.

lol dude u must be joking. that shit can be done by like 1% of botters community, i doubt anyone would make one as premium as it would make no money to them. your best bet is look for private script.

Sollertia has a free herbivore script https://forums.rspeer.org/topic/18/sollertia-herblore

@BestTroy Thank you for the helpfull post. I will look into that one :slight_smile:

Edit: As far as i can see it is just herblore, not the one requiring 80 hunter to hunt on fossil island.

@NoNameNeeded oh i didnt realise herbivore is a different activity to herblore. 80 hunter is a huge requirement.

If you cant find a script for it on google, then you will have to pay someone to make it privately.

You mean herbiboar? Borrow me an account and I can make it.

@Yasper i got a 2k+ total level account you can use to make scripts if you want just give me a private message.

@Yasper Borrow me an account
alt text

I will get 80 hunter on an account and ill borrow you one :slight_smile:

@Yasper did you ever make one