Help, it says I have more instances open than I do

If the bot panel or the client reports that you have more clients open than you do, this happens because instances take a maximum of 3 minutes to de-register if you did not close your client the correct way.

Correct ways too close your client to prevent ghost instances:

  • Clicking the X on the window.
  • Programmatically calling RSPeer.shutdown()
  • Killing the clients using “Kill Client” on the bot management panel.
  • Properly killing your application and allowing it to shut down. (No Ctrl-C on Linux, that automatically force closes your app.)
  • Copying the same HTTP call that the bot panel makes if using our HTTP Api (It sends a message with the body “:kill”.

Incorrect ways of closing your client that would cause ghost instances for up to 3 minutes.

  • Turning off your computer by pressing the power button.
  • Force closing the bot via task manager
  • Force closing the bot via pkill -f, without sending proper termination signals.

As of version 1.88, ghost instances should not cause your client to show the out of instances screen, since instance check now has been moved to be 5 minutes after the game has loaded.

Smart 1.88 solution