Hel Quester - WIP (More info released)

Hello, looking for people to be apart of the early access for my quester, also looking for what quests people want to see, please post below or join the discord. I plan for this to be the leading quester on RSPeer, so I welcome any feedback

Discord: https://discord.gg/Fe27fUa

What’s complete:
-Full custom equipment setup per quest.
-Full item requirements purchased from GE (please note that equip setups will NOT be purchased)
-Quest queue randomisation with support for pre reqs obtained from other quests (eg if you queue Ernest the chicken and Animal Magnetism, the script will complete ernest the chicken before animal mag, but may complete other quests inbetween)
-Seeded framework to allow more customisation and randomisation to the script (less patterns, less bans)

To do:
A lot of quests

I recommend also asking people on the Discord as you’ll find more responses there.

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would love to see ava’s and the prequests for it.

Will be away for the next 5-7 days, expect a few quests to be released after this timeframe, if you wish to be one of the first few people to test the script make sure you add me on discord and express interest, failure to complete quests and give feedback will result in removal from Early Access

bump, still looking for quest requests

Would like to see this for the dig site and bone voyage and ghosts ahoy

NMZ quests + Haunted mine would be great.

bump, added a discord link to forum post supplying more information about the project.

Quests have started being added and testers are going to be in demand in the upcoming days.