Haven't Been Banned?

I’ve been botting pretty much every single day since February 20, 2019. I bought an account, a cannonballer that had 1’s in everything but 40 Strength and 70 Smithing. I told myself, I’d blast furnace it.
I wasn’t a member until recently, and I’ve tried suicide lobsters, in an area with about fifty bots. Might have caught 2K lobs, said fuck this shit. Went mems.
I did 1-77 fishing in less than a week, all botted
1-73 cooking, all botted
1-40 agility, all bottled
70 crafting. Botted. 1-53 combat, botted everything every damn quest, total is 730, begs a rather stupid question.
I believe I simply look like a real player and I’m not being reported or flagged, nothing…but…
Hanging out in f2p botting areas, semi suiciding, on one account…botting sharks, flax, cannonballs, green dragons, herblore…I have a regular username and dress fancy. Just started another account today botted crafting to 60 from 1 still going? Am i just hella lucky? Some of the scripts I use, I see on threads other people catching bans frequently! I probably should not ask nor look a gift bot in the mouth but I’m currently on hour 13 of a session. Why haven’t I been banned? I understand how RSPeer works and how it interacts with the game differently so I know why I’m not being banned but if you understand what I’m really saying…I haven’t even gotten flagged or reported? What’s y’all’s thoughts? I feel like buying instances was well worth the price

I feel like your a shill

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I’m actually 100% serious
No need to shill, I’m not trying to sell anyone anything. This client is TOO GOOD LOL

I want to run a bot overnight so bad to really see if it’s just luck. I should have at least been reported. A few times my bot got stuck on shit, even though it was for a moment I swear somebody saw it, so I mean I know other people have said they haven’t seen a ban in months so I’m trying to figure out how many have been banned and how many haven’t. Shill? Dont need to shill, RSPeer is that good!

You’re probably the dev of this bot, and judging by the decline of this particular botting community I feel like the devs are trying to bring people back. The design of these forums is shit and thats why people left fyi.

Yasper is the developer
If I was the developer I’d be so rich I would not even need to bot. Why would I pay for instances if I was the developer. Also, people leaving is a good thing. I think that’s why ban rates are low. I watch the widget that shows how many clients are active, usually 60,000+ ppl are playing but only 1000+ rspeer clients open? That’s less than 7% of the bots in game! That’s probably why we ain’t seeing bans! Flying under the radar. Also they doing that mass ban algorithm spoofing that they needed legitimate playing data for what if they implemented that? We’re killing it.This isnt plug and play botting. This requires effort and investment and isn’t for casual gold farming.

I am still hesitant to do this because I’ve basically botted an account into a main, but today I’m actually gonna try 10 hours straight doing the same shit, and I dont get banned, I’m gonna use my last three instances worth of tokens. I spent $5 USD so far, and this morning was doing the math. 10M a day seems bad I’m sure guys are making 100M a day using Burac’s Zulrah script but I don’t know how to Zulrah although I guess I could learn. I’m just happy that so far I have survived. So many of us have seen bans within hours of trying scripts. My only complaint is DS Blast Furnace got taken down right when I got requirements for it. Oh well

I’m a noob, not a dev. A happy noob. They will definitely be seeing more cash from me. Very happy customer. Even if Fagex does eventually ban idgaf because we can just replace banned accounts. I don’t bot tut island! I try my hardest to not seem like a bot, very pleased. Getting bonds on my accounts seem to suck but it’s worth it I feel in the long run. Next week I’m buying a 76 fish account so I have 2 hee hee. My foolish dream…to run a 100 account farm

You say people are leaving but clearly 1000+ are actively using this amazing client

Now that you mention it I would be glad to shill
You can bot consistently and apparently not see bans for months unless you get bad luck. I expect to be banned everyday I log in and it’s just not happening but it is and my cynical mind can’t believe it. Can’t wait to throw Paypal balance at this motherfucker. I’m new to this, I started middle of last month after losing billions on RS3. I lost my job, if I WAS a dev I’d be financially stable wouldn’t even need to be here. Logic man. Also devs have never cared if people left, don’t care if you stay, and aren’t really super active unless there’s an issue because they have lives too and we’re all too busy botting. Yet I post randomly every day I must be the most active fake dev here then if you think I’m a dev then where’s my dev powers. Shit I wanna have control lol

Forums are only really for support, the Discord is where it’s at. Waste of dev time really, it’s not 2008 anymore nobody uses forums. We are all very active in the Discord chat, feel free to join

He actually think I’m a developer
I’m a scrub
Oh I laughed something fierce. Can you believe that people wanna blame devs because they aren’t successfully able to maximize the potential of this client? Why is it if someone does become successful do you see people complaining, and saying “guess I’ll try another client” as if they can guilt you into feeling bad that they didn’t like your client. Let people leave. I’m sure it doesn’t affect them using their private scripts to bot. Probably would actually be a good thing less people = less bans, that’s not shilling that’s logic

We are here to bot, devs aren’t babysitters