Got banned

So I got banned on my main because I got greedy. I was using a MTA script and it was shit to say the least.
Honestly, when a script is good its GOOD! I’ve gotten 99 FM on several accounts with wintertodt paid script.

An issue I’m seeing not only on RSpeer but also several other clients is the script quality. It seems that anything and everything gets put up, paid and free mind you. Then theres very little support and fixing. To be fair I know these things take alot of work to make them good, but of you’re charging for them the consumer deserves a quality product. If theres not more maintenance on scripts they should be removed. Maybe then the ban rate will go down over all

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If you’re experiencing issues with scripts, you should directly report this to the scripter. If they don’t respond for a while, contact an admin about it. It doesn’t help if you just say scripts are broken and they aren’t being fixed.