Frequently Asked Questions

Is RSPeer free?

Where can I find scripts for RSPeer?
On the Script Repository!

Why should I use RSPeer over X, Y or Z?
RSPeer brings to the table a completely unique form of interaction, allowing your scripts to easily outperform scripts on other bots. Alongside this comes minimal CPU usage and flexibility for script developers. Read more here!

What Java Version do I need to run RSPeer
Java 8

What operating systems does RSPeer support?
RSPeer supports all operating systems!

How long does RSPeer usually take to update on thursdays?
Our client makes use of a very advanced updating tool that will automatically find the new data required to run the client when OSRS has been updated. This means that if there are no big changes to the game engine, RSPeer will be up again within less than a minute. On the occasion that a major engine update has occurred, we are usually up within an hour.

How does RSPeer log in after the 6 hour limit?
Since Runescape stores your account data (username/password) inside the client, RSPeer can use this data to log you back in without having to save your account data inside the bot.

Does RSPeer have a time limit like other bots?
No, RSPeer does not have any time limit. We allow you to run your clients for as long as you want. We do limit the amount of instances you can run however.

Where can I buy more instances?
Check out our store!

Can I buy VIP/Sponsor on RSPeer?
We are working on adding this functionality, stay tuned!

Can I use RSPeer on resizable mode
We do not support resizable mode officially. This because we have researched the client and are sure that this has no effect on Jagex’s bot detection. Supporting it would also create more work for us.

Am I allowed to create multiple accounts
No, we do not allow multiple accounts for whatever reason to prevent people circumventing the instance limit. We have in depth data on the clients you are running and can easily link accounts using different variables.

How do I setup a proxy with RSPeer
Proxies can be setup using the quick start arguments, see: Quickstart & Command line arguments?

Quickstart & Command line arguments?
Without the launcher
With the launcher

Where do I start developing scripts for RSPeer?

  • To setup RSPeer in IntelliJ check out this guide
  • You can find the RSPeer documentation here
  • Check out the tutorial section for more information on writing scripts for RSPeer
  • Requirements for uploading scripts and requirements for applying for the script writer rank can be found in this thread
  • If you have any extra development related questions, our discord server has a development related section

Does RSPeer support RS3

More questions?
If you have any questions that were not answered by this thread, please post them here so I can add them. If you want quick assistance, feel free to join the discord channel where there are enough people ready to assist you.

I see when any bot banks, for example motherload mine bot, it will bank ore and itll look likes its clicking a tab but it still puts in ore. is this normal?


@Spencer ok, so it just looks like that on my end? Im so use to prior bots that its kinda unnerving.

Many links broken in OP