[Free] SmallNet

Hello people, this is my first time uploading a script so bear with me.

SmallNet is a script used to fish shrimps and anchovies in Draynor Village
and bank them. That’s it.


  1. Start the script anywhere.

Items in inventory will be banked.
Fishing net will be grabbed from bank IF it exists else the script will stop

If not enough combat level or not enough time near the mages to lose aggro, the mages will hit and probably kill you, beware or just let die and start again.

Feedback is much appreciated and your opinion will be taken into consideration.

Source code on GitLab

SDN script submission links should be GitLab, not GitHub

Gonna fix that then. On the form I submitted I used the GitLab one

Your file structure/naming is incorrect. It should be SmallNet.java, not SmallNet

Either I am too stupid or something goes wrong here.
I put the link to my repository and you still say it’s not correct.
Gonna update and point the link to the master branch now, hope this is okay, else I would like you write me a message and explain the correct way to upload my script so people can use it.

Hey man the script crashes the instance. I start at draynor bank. It freezes the instance and I am forced to kill it through the website. Would really like to test this out.

Please resolve this issue. Thanks man.

I’m happy to help but I will need some more info. Do you have a small net on you or in the bank? If you expand the debug logs does it say anything in red? If yes post it here.

I ran this script multiple times for long periods of time and did not experience something similar.

It doesn’t work. The client freezes for 10 seconds and does nothing.

Yes it stalls the client and can’t even get past pressing “start” on the script, no opportunity to even get meaningful debug info beyond: [SEVERE] EXCEPTION: SEVEREjava.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space