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:white_check_mark: Fork’s Account Checker :white_check_mark:


Simple account checker to quickly get the status of many accounts along with membership days remaining. Just copy and paste in a list of accounts and check the output file once the script has stopped.


  • Output file format: username:password:status:membershipRemaining

Change Log:


  • Initial release


  • Added proxy support

I’m not sure if it’s the best idea to log in on all of your accounts from the same IP. This is just asking to get chainbanned

This. Without proxy support this is pretty useless

I’ll add proxy support

Added proxy support. Pending review.

Nice where can i add to my scripts?

Still pending review.

Live now

good stuff

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Is there a way to disable logging in to F2P worlds? Just in case you wanted to check these accounts

It automatically sets the world to a members world, so it won’t login to the account unless it is members. Account status can be determined from the login response otherwise.

I just ran it a couple days ago and it was fine. Please describe the issue.

Any way you could add world select? And I think importing a proxy list in a different way would be useful.
I got over 10k proxy list so using it the way I understand ur supposed to is really difficult. Usually it’s 50 connections per IP.



nice work