FChopper V2.0

ForsakenChopper with multiple locations/Features.


  • Progressive
  • Bird Nest Support
  • Powerchopper/Banking Support


  • Progressive --added(Can be done on level3 Accounts)
  • Axe Upgrading --Base Done
  • Better GUI
  • More Locations(Suggest them)


  • Varrock(Tree, Oak)
  • Grand Exchange(Yew)
  • Draynor(Willow)
  • Port Sarim(Tree, Oak, Willow, Yew)
  • Edgeville(Yew)
  • Seers(Maple)
  • Lumbridge(Tree, Oak, Willow)
  • Woodcutting Guild(Willow, Maple, Yew, Magic)

Update log:
- Added Query system
- Reworked Walking to be more Random
- Gets Closest bank
- Fixed Birdsnest not picking it up
- Reworked whole base of script

Pushed a new update to the SDN Changelog is on the main post!

I would love to get any feedback

Considering using however I want to use on a account I don’t want to lose hahaha, any feedback on bans so far?

i got some fresh accounts that now have 55+ WC and some other accounts around 70 mains mostly depended on the IP and time of botting

Pushed update with banking system

took not even 2hrs to get banned powechopping logs of a fresh acc hahaha

could you give me some more info as of what logs and locations im totally rewriting this script :slight_smile: @thiccstu

west varrock with banking can you do?

How is the banrate on this script? I want to use it on my main

@loni said in FChopper V1.0:

How is the banrate on this script? I want to use it on my main

50/50. Either you get banned or you don’t.

updated and uploaded to SDN reworked the whole script update log is in Main post

Hey WaRp, love the update. Unfortunately I’m getting an error when running most modes outside of “powerchop”. Do I need to start the bot next to the trees to start? I’ve found sometimes I avoid the error this way.

Specifically I get “Expected BEGIN_ARRAY but was BEGIN_OBJECT at line 1, column 2.”

It doesn’t seem to bank on the progress setting, just sits in the bank stuck.