F2P Fully botted Account Testament

Account Stats (Altered image from HiScores to reduce ban risk)

So I haven’t done any serious botting since RSBuddy days. After attempting to get back into it several times with almost every other reputable bot service provider (Mostly free Scripts on F2P accounts) With the exception of a few premium scripts on Members mains, over 30 Attempts and Accounts all lasted less than a week after first script use.

Now with RSPeer I’ve created two accounts, same IP, business ISP, Remoting into a PC at work. First account got banned within 3 days, I assume its because I used SPX Tut Island.

Now this is account no2, I manually ran through tut island, I’ve only used free scripts, all on F2P, this is my progress after a month of on and off botting, longest botting session was 18hrs with breaks that went anywhere from a few minutes to 2 hours max. With the longest standalone script ran for 8 hours no breaks (AIO Miner by MadDev).

Here are a few images including all the scripts i’ve used on this account.

TL;DR RSPeer works wonders, I look foward to investing some money in this soon. I still find it pretty crazy I was able to make a Main(ish) account like this almost purely botted in 2019.

Very nice man! A huge part is not getting carried away with long periods of botting. Anyone can suicide, it’s having accounts last is the tough one. It’s so easy to just let it bot.

@Jesse I try my best to keep single script sessions from going over 6 hours, but sometimes I just fall asleep lmao

@69oof420 Continue to express patience and you’ll continue to have reduced odds for receiving a ban :slight_smile:

Just watch yourself if you use any Agility script. This skill is known to be one of the worst to avoid ban.

@Rue @Xeav Thanks for the heads up

I’ve botted a lot of hours on agility and runemate is one of the best free agility bots you can get and its pretty undetectable currently rank 41000 in agility from runemate.

Pretty sure bans are mostly dependant on what scripts you use. Some scripts are better than others.

I got banned in a week while botting maybe 2 hours a day. While others are out there doing suicide botting for weeks without ban.