EXCEPTION SEVERE: Before even launching scripts - Help appreciated <3

So, yesterday I started consistently getting Exception Severe errors whenever I ran a script. The script would still run and function normally but i’m sure running a script with errors is a bad idea and twice now my PC has completely frozen and had to physically shut down. I’ve reinstalled both Intellij and RSPeer entirely, removing all previous caches/logs etc. I’m still however getting Exception Severe everytime I browse the Scripts folder to select a script to run.

Details of error message along with IntelliJ settings and RSPeer settings below;

The 2 full error messages:

All relevant settings I can think of:

Hope this is all enough info for someone to be able to help out. Any feedback is HUGELY appreciated <3

Remove extracted rspeer.jar from your artifact build output.

@MadDev I’m legit angry at myself I know these things and I just miss them, thanks so much mad :slight_smile: