Can i trade a door closer scrip for this

damn this seems pretty bonkers

Grats on release!

This is quality

Highly recommended. I’ve used it a couple times and it’s the best runecrafting script out there.

Reminds me of the perfecticus rc UI back in the day

Is it not uploaded yet

Wow this is an awesome release can not wait to try it out!! Gratz on release man!

Could you add rune pouch support for lavas?

Is this still working/updated?

DRunecraft not working properly for me

Not working atm, walking issue.

Must be a change in RSPeer’s walking, considering all walking is used leveraging their API and hasn’t been touched.

Hey man! Can I get a trial period of the script?

yes, looks like theyve updated it. sorry. script works amazing!

Is it possible to get a trial?
Does this script do lava?

No problem - let me know if other issues arise :slight_smile:

Literally got banned after using this script for 45 minutes. Do not get this shit.

Don’t get it. I used it for 45 minutes and got banned.
I used a couple of bots before hand, even had breaks and all. Used this bot once and got banned.
it doesn’t mimic clicks what-so-ever. It just goes to your bank, opens it, and then without scrolling or whatever is able to withdraw items needed. That’s just one of the many weird things this script does.