Double Charge


I purchased tokens yesterday and was double charged on paypal.

Additionally, I was banned within 7 hours of running the premium script I purchased ([PREMIUM] YAgility | Does agility | High Alch/Magic Imbue | Seers' Teleport | Food Support | Progressive Mode | Summer Pie). I would appreciate if this could be refunded as well.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Hey, it doesn’t look like you were double charged.
You purchased 1,000 tokens, which you were charged correctly for and then proceeded to purchase 1 (one) client instance for 100 tokens. After this you purchased another 1,000 tokens - which again, you were charged correctly for. With your remaining 1,900 tokens you purchased 2 (two) instances of YAgility bringing you down to 300 tokens. Both purchases were a few minutes apart too, so it seems unrealistic to be a fault on our end.

Regarding your account getting banned, I am sorry to hear that and cannot offer you a refund for any bans. By using our service, you essentially agree to break jagex’s rules, which can get you banned at any time - we cannot be held responsible for this!

See more here:

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In both purchases the page hung for a minute and the tokens/script were not immediately granted (at least I didn’t have any tokens on my end until after submitting the second token purchase—after which it still only showed 1000).

If I read the yagility script correctly it allotted two instances with a single purchase so it wouldn’t have made sense for me to purchase it twice anyways… The only purchase that went through without hanging was the additional instance purchase for 100 tokens.

I understand if the script cannot be refunded but I would appreciate if the 1000 tokens could be.

Hello, the purchase screen does not allow you to double purchase if it is taking a bit to process, it changes to a “processing” status that doesn’t allow you to re-click it. Please see example here:

There isn’t really a way that you could have accidentally double purchased it, you would have to refresh the page and click purchase again.

I have refunded one of your YAgility instances if you would like to use the tokens for something else.

Yes, I probably refreshed the page and tried purchasing again because it didn’t seem to be working. It was hanging for upwards of a minute. Even after the refresh the tokens weren’t showing so I tried purchasing again.

I noticed people in discord talking about rspeer servers being DDOSd the other day or something—its probably related to that and obviously I had no intention of making the purchase twice because I only needed one purchase of yAgility and one extra instance. I’d like a full refund on the second purchase.