Dijkstra's Progressive Agility | 4 Courses

This script is meant to train agility for accounts which need it for other methods. The purpose of this script is to level agility as fast as possible.



  • Progressive
  • Picks up marks of grace
  • Eats food when low
  • Support arguments

Supported courses
The script will complete the courses in the following order and stop at the giving level for every course

  • Gnome Stronghold course (10)
  • Draynor Village (30)
  • Varrock (50)
  • Falador

How to use
If you’re starting the script below agility level 10 you must start within the Gnome Tree Stronghold with an Amulet of glory. The script will use the amulet to teleport to Draynor Village and Al Kharid. This is only required when starting from the Gnome Stronghold course as the webwalker does not support it.

The script supports 2 arguments: “stoplevel” and “food”. The first indicates at which level the script should stop. The second is the item name of the food the player should eat. The item name should be an exact match and include upper case letters and spaces. The arguments are seperated by a ‘;’.

An example argument: “stoplevel=50;food=Salmon”


-Delays and timings have been improved

-The script now longer misses the mark of grace on varrock
-It will start the course more human like

-Initial release

This is awesome!

Call me a newb but how do I get this script? don’t see a link/download or it on the SDN? Would love to use this to pump out 56 agility and call it a day.

The script is currently waiting to be reviewed. Once that is done it will appear on the sdn.

@dijkstra Wouldn’t recommend doing Al Kharid since Draynor same xp rates and more marks of grace, other than that I will definitely test and give a prog

@CoffeeDog I’ll change it in the next update

Are you going to add the other courses?

@Sven I can but is there reall much interest in agility past level 50?

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sweet bot, any chance to have the rogue den course ?

@dijkstra ya man of course! Seers course is the best for Marks. And there’s a lot of useful shortcuts 60-70+

@dijkstra Yeah man, all the way to 99! :smiley:

bot seems to do 1 action and then stop, i have to restart the bot only for it to do the next action and then stop again…
starting from 1 agi in tree gnome, i have neck in inventory too

Canifis support?

Actually got to 50 agility without a ban better than the premium script :slight_smile:

is there a chance you can add wildy agility course?

Same problem here in Draynor it does the same think always, stops on the exact same spot at a fence always xD

@Trollosaur Can you make a gif or take a picture. I’ve personally never had this issue myself.

why isnt al kharid supported? asking for bans if you level 20-50 at draynor…

Also get the issue where it completes one obstacle then just stops @dijkstra

E:/ I unequipped my weapon and restarted it and it now seems to be running ok. Perhaps it effects the animation for some reason?

@b4k4l1m said in Dijkstra's Progressive Agility | 4 Courses:

why isnt al kharid supported? asking for bans if you level 20-50 at draynor…

I don’t run the script at all, but it should only do 10-30 at draynor, the reason people do that rather than switching to alkharid is because they’re essentially the same xp pH (I think it’s a difference of like ~300), but draynor being a shorter course results in more MoG