dBarrows refund please.

Ok so I know that I should not be asking for a refund on my points but I will explain the problems. The total amount of points spent was 1000 points, I gave Burak Osrs GP for 700 points and bought 500 points via PayPal “Email: tazzy1292@gmail.com”.

EDIT: I am requesting the 1000 points back and the removal of dBarrows from me. I am not asking for money back.

Short Summary
#1 you must wear your ring of dueling or the script will break after the first run

#2 it opens the barrows chests and receives the loot before killing the last barrows brother “around 1/10 chests”

#3 When entering the tunnels it will target a monster that is not in the same room as you and constantly output that you are attacking and that the monster is still alive. “This makes an infinite loop and you just stand there, This happens around 1/3 chests but only appeared after he fixed a different bug.”

#4 If you are using sharks as food randomly it will go to the bank and say there are no more sharks in the bank. “when it did this I had over 800 sharks in the bank, This happened around 1/5 chests” (i have noticed it does not do this with pineapple pizzas)

I wish someone would have told me these bugs before I purchased a script that the script owner said was in working condition.


Main Explanation:

Let us start from the beginning. I contacted “Dijkstra” on discord to get information on whether or not his script “[PREMIUM] dBarrows v0.9” was working or not. He told me it was working, so I purchased it.


Once I purchased the script I noticed that after the first run it would not reset and would attempt to go back to the tunnel of the previous run and cause your account to be killed. I brought this up to his attention. He informed me that the dueling ring had to be equipped for the bot to reset after each run, But on the forum thread for his dBarrows, it showed him using a seers ring (i).


After I put the dueling ring in my ring slot it did stop breaking after every single run, but there were a few other major problems that would cause the script to fail. The first problem that I encountered after the dueling ring issue was that 1/3 runs the bot would target a monster that was not in the room and would output it was attacking said monster. This would cause an infinite loop and would some times get you killed.

The output from logger:

Where the issue starts in the logs.

[05:38:17] Info Status: Entering the tunnels
[05:38:26] Info The nearest npc is a valid target
[05:38:26] Info New target found: 26427
[05:38:26] Info Status: Wearing the right equipment
[05:38:26] Info Current target still alive
[05:38:26] Info Status: Killing a monster
[05:38:27] Info Attacking
[05:38:29] Info Current target still alive
[05:38:29] Info Status: Wearing the right equipment
[05:38:29] Info Current target still alive
[05:38:29] Info Status: Killing a monster
[05:38:30] Info Attacking

The next issue I came across was that the script would not detect the sharks in the bank. This script only has 3 options for food and sharks are one of them. Now and then when it goes to the bank it would say that there are no sharks in the bank and stop the script. This would happen about 1/10 runs/chests.


Then if you keep restarting the script and babysitting it you will run into the next problem. The last problem I have had is that the script will open and loot the barrows chest before killing the last barrows brother. The last issue is not that big of an issue, but the other issues make this script un-usable.

I told you that it was working because that’s what I thought. If you look in the Discord server you’d see a proggy I posted about a month ago of the script working without any issues. I said the script was working as it was to my best knowledge. Several of these bugs are caused by API issues, I was not aware of these when you asked me.

It’s not trying to target a monster in a different room, it’s trying to target a monster that’s simply not there.

Ive been contacted by other members also having the same problem and they said they had contacted you like the person that replied to the dbarrows thread.

There is only 1 progress picture and it is from you. No one else. I expect a paid script to be usable

You should. I however do not have the ability to instantly know when something changes or breaks.

Hmm cause he said he told you and you got mad at him and stopped answering

A paid script is supposed to be a working script that is above the quality of a free script. If this script does not work and the script owner is ignoring people reporting bugs and not even use/test it recently himself and claiming it still works then that is a scam in my eyes

This guy (Sandman) is literally lying. If you looked at the Discord server’s bug reports I fixed every issue or provided everyone with a work around. If you don’t understand that scripts will eventually break then ask MAD for a refund.

Oh really? I have discord logs that do not at all backup your statement

The only issue you say you “fixed” was telling people to wear a dueling ring

But did it fix it or not? The cause of the bug was unknown to me at the time.

I also told you of the bugs. One you ignored me right after we talked on discord while you were still online. The other you blamed on rsbuddy api causing the calculations and sharks to mess up. But I disproved this statement and showed it was the scripters error by it not doing it with other foods.

I never claimed the food problem was caused by rsbuddy, simply the loot value counter… I quickly addressed the teleporting issue after you notified me. After that I was simply not available anymore. I always appear online as I have Discord on my phone.

Hmmm this picture says differently

Ie the bug where the Bank api returns the wrong item count. Not RSbuddy’s api being unreliable.

Its a un usable script.


I was replying to the fact the loot counter was working again, even though nothing changed. These are two seperate bugs I was referring to, not the same one.

I cant even get a full bug counter because the script is un-usable… I have not even gotten to 1 hour and 15 minutes of usage before crashing or breaking… Every time I am not there just babysitting this script it breaks and I die…

I expect quality in a paid script… Not for it to be worse then free scripts