Dank Woodcutter - AIO Woodcutter with Task Queuing System

Dank Woodcutter


  • Task Queuing System
    • Add tasks by Level or Amount
  • Supports Most Trees
  • Banking
  • Power Chopping
  • Bird Nest Support

To Do

  • Add Woodcutting Guild Support (and Redwoods)
  • Add Muling
  • Add D Axe Special
  • Add Axe Upgrading
  • Add “Any Location” for Powerchopping purposes

How to Use

alt text

  1. Select Tree
  2. Select Location
  3. Select Task Type (Amount or Level)
  4. Select Bank Option if Banking (For This Task)
  5. Hit Add Task
  6. Repeat Steps 1-5 Based on Your Task Needs
  7. Hit Start When All Tasks Have Been Added

Version HIstory

v0.01 - Initial Release
v0.02 - Add Nest Support
v0.03 - Fixed bug with GUI preventing script from starting

If you would like an additional location added, please use the following template and respond to the thread:

Tree Type:
Location Name:
Description or Screenshot of Location:

Released on SDN!

Nice script :slight_smile: if (main.woodcutAreaTeak.getArea().contains(Players.getLocal())) {
final Pickable BirdNest = Pickables.getNearest(“Bird nest”);
if (BirdNest != null && !Inventory.isFull()) {

Added nest support once the update is pushed to SDN by devs

can you add woodcutting guild support?

@thevance its on his to do list? read??

@thevance Will look into it this weekend. I do not have an account with access though, I will need to borrow one from someone

Any feedback of recent use on this script?

banking doesn’t work? can’t start script if that box is checked for some reason

@cello10 Did you add any tasks on the right hand side?

How is the banrate on this script? I want to use it on my main

how can i apply the script or how do i start the script

the script is not working is the author even active?

It works fine. What are you trying to do that does not work?

EDIT: looks like there is a bug on the SDN version that was not on my local version - i just pushed a fix to the SDN. Will be live whenever its approved

Banking teak logs at castle wars is broken. Gets stuck in patch of trees to the north of the tree location on walk back.

Got banned last night :frowning: ran script over night on main. Used this script from 34 to 77 why could this be? i was blocking my vpn. Any thoughts?

can you send a screenshot and debug your player position? It might be a problem with the web

probably because you yolo’d the account overnight for 43 levels lol…