Dank Agility - 4 Rooftop Courses (Draynor, Al Kharid, Varrock, Canifis)

Dank Agility

Rooftops Available:
-Al Kharid

I only have accounts to test up to Pollnivneach, can someone please test Rellekka and Ardougne

alt text

How to Use:

Select course and enter exact name of food in inventory. Will try to eat when below 40% of health (may make it configurable later). You can run without food, but I have not added death prevention via logout yet, will add later. Picks up MOG’s.

Let me know if you have any bugs.

looking forward to this, sounds great

When is it getting released? And can you post the source code aswell ?


I have decided to release this script for free still, but it will only support the first 4 rooftop courses in respect for the premium rooftop script. I may release the full version as premium later on.

https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/565161391858647040/593439099575074817/unknown.png It gets stuck here no matter what

script gets stuck on canifs on 1st hurdle. it also pauses for 5-10 seconds in some places to

I will look into these when i get home tonight

Script is working 100% fine just at varrock, in draynor if you fall it stops, in al-kharid you get stuck in the third jump and it stop, didnt test at canafis… GL

stamina potion support?

Started it at canafis. Just stood there doing nothing


tried it at falador doesnt work

canifis just runs else where

Al kharid it bugs out at the zip wire

is this fully broken?

for me, the al kharid doesn’t work very well

got banned after 3 hours running on varrock rooftop. too efficient maybe?

Varrock is notorious for botting. I botted in Draynor and Al Kharid for days and nothing. Went to Varrock and bye-bye account.

Hey man, love the bot, thought you should know though, theres a weird glitch in canifis that gets the bot to stop moving occasionally in the same spot, and then when trying to restart the bot i have to start it 3 times before it stops auto cancelling, thought you should know!