Computer Not Launching RSPeer Instances

Issue: RsPeer instances not launching
Steps to recreate:
Java Version: most recent
Operating System (Windows 10, Mac OS X, Linux, etc): windows
Are you using a proxy (Yes / No): n/a
Error message (If applicable): n/a

Something weird happening with one of my computers, i have three computers running rspeer, two are fine but one of them for some reason refuses to launch the instances, i tried several debugging techniques listed in the guide, deleted rspeer folder and .rspeer, removed rspeer launcher app, did several variations of this, reset firewall, uninstall java, reinstall it, nothing. I did a clean wipe of the entire computer last night, reinstalled rspeer, java, went to launch instance no luck still. Checked on Drive C -> Users and there’s not even a .rspeer folder installing anymore, help? lol