Client Wont Load

I try to click launch client and it says ‘successfully loaded client launching’ and nothing appears, I cant find the file rspeer on my laptop I can only find the rspeer launcher, I have the most up to date version of java installed, my only question would be how do I download the rspeer folder with the file rspeer 1.93 as i have seen this can resolve the issue and this is the only folder i can not find and remove! Meed Help Please!

same is happening with me today only the launcher is working not the client

@MadDev done all of this still don’t work

@Recluse said in Client Wont Load:

@MadDev done all of this still don’t work

So it seems Java 11 may be causing an issue, go onto the launcher and click Edit on the Java Path and click Set New Path. Then select Java 8 instead of 11.

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