Client not the right version

Issue:Outdated Rspeer client/ launcher version 1.16 while starting it says that the live verson is v2.18
Steps to recreate: Unistalled rspeer + updated java
Java Version: version 8 update 214
Operating System (Windows 10, Mac OS X, Linux, etc): windows 10
Are you using a proxy (Yes / No): no
Error message (If applicable): Your RSpeer version is out of date from live v2.18. Had a chat with Burak and he thinks that this interferes with the zulrah script.

mines the same thing version 1.16 also says out of date tried redownloading no fix been like this awhile

yup weird asf, I deleted everything, from %appdata% and %userprofile%. Reinstalled rspeer and im still getting the same message…

I coulda swore my version said 2.10 at 1 time but now it says 1.16. I am probaly wrong but its been bugging me. What isnt working for you on RSPeer?
EDIT If you click bot management and theres the piece that says whats happening with rspeer. Mine says this:
Hi, Lou The 3rd.Here’s what’s happening with RSPeer.


Total Clients Online



Total Users



RSPeer 07 Version



RSPeer RS3 Version