Client ad

Really nice its possible to use 3 client for free but the ad is directly placed over the spot where most scripts paint usually is…
So i have to click the ad away to check on my bot
This is only for 3 clients but its annoying as fuck :stuck_out_tongue:
I got no problems with the ad staying. just really love to see it getting moved somewhere else.

That’s the whole idea though bud. It means the ad is more prevalent in your memory as you constantly have to interact with it to get it out of your way.

the idea of an ad is to make me think “WOW, Thats nice imma buy that RIGHT NOW!!!”
Not to annoy me with random banner of some sort and make me click it away every time…

Again, Fine with the ad and with clicking it away
would just like to see it moved so it doesnt cover the scripts paint and im still able to see the ad and my script at the same time

By clicking it away you’re paying attention to it whether consciously or not. Additionally, things like script paint location and such are down to the Scripters design.

yea ur right
Hopefully scripters move paint lmao
but yea that for 3 clients:p