Camera Movement

Hi guys, I’ve just been writing a simple script and I’m implementing some anti-ban. I’ve had a look at the Camera class on the Java Docs but I can’t see how I can change the position. Is there a way to easily move the camera?

I noticed the Keyboard class but I don’t think constantly sending arrow keys is the right way about it.

might be wrong but i dont think anti bans are necessary on rspeer, i dont think ive ever seen a script rotate the camera as a way to not get banned. and tbh i dont think moving the camera or checking xp every now and then would convince jagex that its a human playing, might have worked back in the day but i dont think jagex is still being fooled by it. the best anti ban u could do is to play normally at times, do some quests or even bot some quests.

if you still wanna try to move the camera and no ones replies here then u should join the discord and ask there. people are usually pretty quick with answering things on there! good luck scripting! :slight_smile:

You can use the Mouse class or Keyboard class to send mouse/keyevents to the game canvas


Not needed on bots like rspeer, and not really needed in general, it’s all bs to make premium script writers get more sales, I can suicide FTP accounts for over 48 hours straight with out bans with no anti ban at all