BryceK's Stringer - 2.2K amulets /hr

BK’s Stringer

0_1543623480988_Stringer progress.PNG

Hi All,

This is my 3nd script of my crafting series. The script will string all amulets from silver to diamond.

Curious about the other scripts from this serie? Check out my GemCutter and my Jeweller!


  • GUI Selection for amulets from silver up to diamond.

  • Grabs the selected amulets(u) and balls of wool from the bank.

  • ~2.2K amulets stringed / Hr

  • Will stop script when out of the selected supplies.

How to use:

  • Start near any bank with an NPC banker.
  • Have the required amulet(u) and balls of wool in your bank.

To-do List:

  • Profit per hour based on GE prices

SDN approved!


I think something broke this bot sadly. It attempts to do things in the wrong order i believe. Atm it looks like none of the string options are working. Hope you get a chance to fix this sometime, love your crafting series.

This script does not work currently.

Working fine for me doing emerald ammys. Uses “withdraw X” on left click just like a player would. Handles level up screens. It’s very click intensive with no breaks or afk measures so I wouldn’t use it for too long, but I’ll update this if I get banned.