Bot Management Panel - JSON Import Guide

  1. Select your quick launch configuration.

  2. Select Import JSON.

  3. Format your JSON to the following specification.

            "RsUsername": "maddev",
            "RsPassword": "fake",
            "World": 382,
            "ScriptName": "ProMiner",
            "IsRepoScript": true,
            "ScriptArgs": "-tree yew",
            "ProxyName": "woodcutter_proxies",
            "Config": {
                "LowCpuMode": true,
                "SuperLowCpuMode": true,
                "EngineTickDelay": 0,
                "DisableModelRendering": false,
                "DisableSceneRendering": false

If proxy name is filled out, it MUST be already created under the Manage Proxies page for quick launch to be able to find it.

If script is filled out and it is a repository script, you MUST have that script added to your collection from the SDN.

Is there no way to import it as RS3 clients instead of OSRS?