not surprised that i’m banned because that’s likely to happen sooner than later. however, i was wondering if you guys had any suggestions for me. when i started botting, my accounts lasted a long time. I had 70 plus fishing on multiple accounts. Once one of them got banned, they all get banned in the first day now for some reason. Is it an IP address issue or just random luck?


depends on the bot and bot client, and very little else.

A lot of botting is luck, that’s why its a gamble.

ip is probably flagged. happened to me before. I tested it out by creating a legit account and it was banned without ever botting on it.

Banned without botting seems abit far-fetched, Ive literally been banned for botting zulrah on my main, 2days later bans lifted i killed zulrah by hand and i wasnt banned, im currently botting on 3 accounts testing scripts, one account i build with, the other two i run for longer periods to test for bugs in pathing or what ever occurs, and ive currently not been banned since i used someone else’s zulrah bot. i believe once jagex have reports of bots, they have all your data of movements/interactions, it would be a relatively simple algorithm to cross reference the data from several reported known bots to your data once reported to detect if your using a script

@sheepish have u ever botted again on the account that was temp banned? just happened to me, got decent levels on it 60+, thinking about botting for shorter periods after 2 days?

@VSVA I did, got perm banned shortly after.

If you were “botting smart” I assume it’s the proxys that got you caught, they maybe caught the one bot then looked at your’re IP, realised theres 3 users logged in at you’re computer and banned them all.

However you would have been using a proxy anyway if you were “botting smart”

I say if you’re botting an account you really don’t want to get banned, you gotta baby sit it while botting ( yeh maybe that defeats the purpose of botting) but gold farming should be left for the noob accounts, not the mains you wanna keep.

@Jchantrey95 true, were you playing more cautious the 2nd time around?