Banned "yesterday". Are all bans manual?


I have a little question about the ban dates. I suicide botted an f2p account (got 550k xp woodcutting) and it got banned an hour ago. The date of ban on the RuneScape website says: “12 december” but I checked my account this morning (13 december) and it was still online. Does anyone know why the ban dates are not on the day it got banned? Does this mean all bots get banned manually and at the same time (in the morning)?

Thanks for possible answers

“Suicide”, “F2P” and “banned” are 3 words that go togeder in this scenario. You probably got flagged then, the system monitored you a bit longer to make sure and then banned you.

Do you mean it said you were banned on the website but your account was still in-game?

The website says i was banned on the 12th of December. I could stil play on the 13th of December (until about 10AM -9AM Jagex time-)

Were you able to log out then back in while the website says you’re banned?

I botting the whole night until 9AM the next morning. (8AM for Jagex). Closed my bot (logged out). When to a lecture at 11AM. Checked my account and it was banned.

I suppose they create a list of accounts to ban then take action on the entire group at the same time instead of individually banning each and every one of them.

Not entirely sure about that previous statement, just a wild guess.