Banned almost straight away after tutorial island

Every time that I start up a new account he gets banned almost straight away after a few hours.
It’s also not really a ban, more of a “account locked”. See picture:


My process:

  • I run a linux mint virtual machine with protonvpn
  • I clear the jagex cache and reset ip every time I make a new account
  • I use the same vpn ip to create and bot the account
  • I use a homemade tutorial island script
  • I log out once tutorial island has finished

It’s your vpn

Thats not a ban. There’s a big difference.

I don’t think its the VPN. I use Proton as well, and I have never seen this message.

Don’t use a VPN or shitty proxies and you wont have this issue, guaranteed. Locks are almost always directly related to IP.

Did you try turning it off and on again?

Are you sure about that

Don’t use a VPN to bot on is the obvious answer.

Consider how many other customers that VPN provider has. Your not receiving your own private IP address, your getting the same IP address and potentially thousands of other users.

It’s EXTREMELY likely that people have done exactly what you are currently doing with that exact same IP address and VPN provider.

You should be using residential IP’s, from a relatively unknown/untapped market that are provided to you and you only. Even then it’s likely that the provider is reselling those so your not even guarenteed that.

There are some hacking sites out there that will provide you with good residential SOCKS5 proxies from their botnets if your about that life, though it’s a bit on the shadier side.

anyone got a spade i can borrow? needa do some digging myself