Bank pin issue

Issue: It does not matter the script, bank pin entering gets stuck. I ran Epic fisher for 3 hours and got stuck at bank, i rant charter buyer and it got stuck at bank. If you have breaks set or the bot has to hop worlds you will get stuck if you have a bank pin. So many of the paid scripts seem to be un-maintained and its very frustrating, i see people posting and asking if they work or asking for support and get nothing. Rs-peer has really gone down hill.
Steps to recreate:
Java Version:
Operating System (Windows 10, Mac OS X, Linux, etc):
Are you using a proxy (Yes / No):
Error message (If applicable):

Did you set up your account in the client, and did you select the account before running a script?

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Yes, it does it on every account i have. I can turn mouse movement on and put my pointer on the osrs screen and it jumps back into action.