Auto Flax Spinner

Auto Flax Spinner - By Phorcys


  • Spins Flax in Lumbridge
  • Paint that shows runtime, flax spun, and profit
    • Profit is calculated using OsBuddy’s Grand Exchange API
  • Opens the door if closed (untested)
  • Stops the script when out of flax (untested)

I only tested this for a few runs because I do not know the banrate of this script yet and didn’t feel like having my main banned.

Future Updates:

  • Toggle-able antiban setting to simulate more human-like reactions

Update (0.03)

  • Fixed a bug where the client would report no flax, and the script would stop. Now has a failsafe to prevent false-positives.
  • The script now uses webwalking for all movement and obstacle handling

Update (0.04)

  • Added script time limit of 5 hours

Due to bow string crashing 50% in value last week. If bow string becomes healthier, I will increase or eliminate the time limit.

@phorcys script it broken.
throws this at the start of script

Banked OK. but stuck on clicking spinning wheel while doors are closed = does not handle doors.

Not only that, even after i STOPed the script, it was trying to click on wheel non stop so i had to close whole client to force stop the script.


I’m not sure why it throws an error for you. This doesn’t happen for me. I can’t fix it with that information alone.

The script uses webwalking. It handles doors. However, there is an odd bug that occurs when the door is closed on the way to the spinning wheel, causing it to not handle doors anymore. I actually implemented a failsafe for this but for some reason, it doesn’t always determine that the character is outside the spinning room. This wasn’t a huge issue for me, so I just left it.

The way the RSPeer works prevents the script being stopped in mid-execution. My scripts use long chains of execution, so the script will only stop after the character stops spinning flax. You just have to wait a little bit.

It’s also throwing an error for me.
But after clicking no, it runs as normal.

Haven’t experienced any issues with doors though yet.

When i run your script like 1,5h my client will freeze and i need to restart it 0.o

@finalbossi Are you certain it’s just this script? I’ve had this happen on some scripts when I minimize the client for a while.

Make sure your client is updated.

I’ve gotten many 30+ hour proggies on this script. I don’t think I’d be able to reproduce this issue (but then again, I always run this script locally).

@Phorcys same problem as finalbossi after long hours. tried it yesterday and got black screen on all accs. continuously errors which will crash the client

@Ion I will test it tonight with the SDN version of the script and see if I can uncover anything weird happening.

I will update you when I’m done.

Update (0.08)

  • Fixed NullPointerExceptions being thrown
  • Paint now works
  • Profit calculator now works
  • Script no longer stops running after 5 hours (unlimited runtime!!)

how much gold per hour can you make with this?


A month ago, flax spinning was like 275k/hr.

Now it’s around 150k-200k per hour or so.

great script, frend!

nice proggie

they get stuck at the door ;(

they get stuck at the stairs too idk its the shitbot or shitscript?

getting stuck at the door .-.

Ran the script for 1 hour now. Did 1288 bow strings, which is 46 runs.

2 hours now and at 2576 bow strings (92 runs) so I would declare it steady money making =D