AIO Gear Miner - Progressive

AIO Gear Miner

AIO miner which progressively updates mining location (configurable you pick the mine) and when banking checks for better pickaxes.

Currently not many locations but easy to add so just ask!


  • Progressive
  • Fast - Will start mining the next rock if someone gets yours
  • Multiple drop methods - M1D1/M2D2/Full inv/Banking
  • Fatigue
  • Different speeds
  • World hopping
  • Random miss clicks (Optional of course depending on your view of antiban)


  • Lumbridge Swamp
  • Varock East
  • Rimmington
  • Al kharid
  • Mining guild f2p
  • Mining guild p2p

Screenshot from 2018-12-17 17-50-49.png

To come (Maybe)

  • Different drop methods per location
  • More locations
  • Nicer GUI
  • ???


  • Not banking at lummy

Progress Reports

Not too bad for mining iron on a bronze pick-axe, started mining at lumbridge swamp at level 1

“progressively updates mining location”

This would be awesome!

It does update, start it anywhere and set up the locations you want to use in order, for example you want start mining copper at Lummy bridge, then it can move to iron at varrock and then finish mining coal at barbarian village!

Added it, one suggestion though, you shouldn’t re-create the java random class inside the loop, use RSPeer’s Random class.

Thanks Mad, I shall look at changing it for the next update!

I’ve just tried this with my new account. First inv full - goes banking in lumb - gets stuck in the room next to the cook on the bottom floor. and always goes back to here. so even not banking when I’m putting the bot next to the bank. Going to try varrock now.

Sorry shall look at that later, only tested power mining there so far. Varock works for me so let me know if you have any issues there!

E: @Kets fixed that issue now

My only request: option to disable world-hopping

I shall look at adding that, for the time being you could just set it to hop when there are say 40 people and it should never hop :slight_smile:

@GearsBy said in AIO Gear Miner - Progressive:

40 people and it should never hop :slight_smile:

I do this but it switches, not sure why. No biggie though!

@GearsBy Varrock east works pretty well. You should add Al Kharid Mine - 9 Iron rocks with banking in Varrock or Al Kharid.

Maybe an option when in 5 minutes it would not get the iron rock it would hop because of to many people.

Things to add in GUI:

  • Profit
  • Mined ores
  • Level now (+… levels)

Now doing Rimmington Iron. Seems to act a little bit strange when going back to the mining place, When I’m in the circle it goes to the top left of the mining place, goes to the middle, goes to the top left once more, back to the middle and then goes mining. Seems to not load the map correctly because it’s a bit short of going there.

For the next update which I’ll push later, there is now a toggle for world hopper and fixed some of the logic with world hopping, should of fixed most the strange walking issues and might add AL Kharid if i get a chance to test it

I will try this later today!
Does it check if pickaxe equiped or in inventory? If somehow lost in the middle of mining session?

It does (in theory, tested in inventory only due to account limitations) for the purpose of upgrading but doesn’t stop mining if it lacks one (I shall add that later).

Okay, I have to ask: Whats the difference between Full inv and Banking?

There is something seriously wrong with this script.
First I started fresh out of tutorial.
Out my settings : 1 lumby tin, copper,
2 varrock east iron
3 barb coal.

It walked to ores and started mining.
All good.
I check back in 15 min. It walks around al kharid palace.
I stop and start script again. This time power mine copper.
Walks to spot starts mining.
I check back. I have been died. User spams gate near varrock to members area.
Okay I start it up again.
This time I put in
Varrock east iron and barb coal with banking.
Went to watxh tv. Came back and user is walking in varrock north wilderness with 21 iron ores in bag.


Full load drops a full load where as banking banks. Could you post screen shots and what the logger has out putted for you, I’m currently trying to recreate your issues and can’t im afraid, after your post I’ve tested lummy mining and banking (works), varock east iron banking and power (both works), and rimminton iron mining and banking which also works

Can you add Al Kharid, it has been hard to get iron because of how many people are mining on all the worlds.

I’ve add it however it is untested as I don’t have any accounts with the combat level to mine there, it will be updated when my push gets approved :slight_smile:

I see that copper and tin was added in Al Kharid but not iron. If you did add iron, i can test it for you.