Adding external libraries

I’ve added Apache commons maths library to the external libraries of my script in Intelij Idea. Whenever the script contains code that initialises any objects from the maths library, it compiles well, but when the script is ran on rspeer, noclassdeffounderror is thrown caused by classnotfoundexception. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Because the client doesn’t have the required dependencies. Make sure you compile the library together with you script.

With that being said, if the client doesn’t have the dependency, then it won’t compile on the SDN. So it will only work locally.


If you’re using this as your local script. Do the following:

  • Open project settings
  • Go to modules
  • Select ur module
  • Select dependencies within module
  • Change rspeer.jar to provided instead of compile or w/e it was


  • Give a name to ur jar or leave it as default
  • Select Include in build project (so it will create the jar when u compile ur project)
  • Press ok

And u should be good to go