aBirdHouse | Does bird house runs on Fossil Island

aBirdHouse by August

Completes full bird house run in around 5 minutes. After that logs off for 50-60 minutes while bird houses get ready for harvest.
Supports ALL logs and the following seeds
Barley, Hammerstone, Asgarian, Jute, Yanillian, Krandorian, Guam, Marrentil


  • 5 Hunter, 5 Crafting, 21 Construction
  • Bone Voyage quest
  • 4 clockworks, a lot of seeds and logs (40 seeds, 4 logs for each trip)
  • Unlocked Fossil Island bank chest and Mushtree teleports between Mushroom Meadow and Verdant Valley

Make sure you have unlocked/done everything listed in requirements. You only need to do this setup once and afterwards bot will handle it.

  • Build 4 bird houses, place them and add seeds to all of them.
  • Start bot around bank chest

Next time you run the script you can just start it around the bank chest. If you don’t want to waste 4 logs and 40 seeds you can do the setup and wait one hour before starting the script for the first time.


  • 0.03 banks bird nests properly now

When it logs back in from the last run and it has feathers and nests in it’s inventory you have to manually bank the feathers and nests for it to start the runs.

It seems to work fine for me on the current SDN version https://streamable.com/9kkns
I’ll push an update later this week cleaning up some code and making the bot more efficient, so I’ll look if there’s something that could go wrong in the banking at the same time.

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never mind misread what you said works great!

okay it was working good for a few hours now the bot wont run… just grabs the wood and then sits there