1.76 - Small Updates

Some small updates that were not worthy of an official release changelog.

  • Client not re-using your previously set account if you stop a script that had selected account (via JSON, bot panel, or acc manager) and ran a new one without selecting an account. It will now use the account you had selected on your last script run.

  • Client logging into your previous account if you stopped script, logged in, and re-ran the script with no account. It will now use your currently logged in account instead of last.

  • Small issue with the new instance system fixed, was passing in an id incorrectly, so please update so I can release the new instance system :slight_smile:

  • Bot Panel disconnect client now works if you are on the latest version, v1.76.

  • Running client count should now never be incorrect, there is no longer a 5-minute timeout for your instance to clear, so you should not hit the instance limit view.

Nice thanks!

RSpeer makes progress :wink: Nice to see an active director in the botting community.

Como actualizo mi RSpeer a 1.76. No se hacerlo

@tomas425 said in 1.76 - Small Updates:

Como actualizo mi RSpeer a 1.76. No se hacerlo

Run rspeer-launcher-1.01.jar from https://rspeer.org/resources/download/